• Single room - 36 BGL
  • Double room - 48 BGL
  • Triple Room - 60 BGL
  • Apartment- 72 BGL
  • Room for resting up to 4 hours - 30 BGL
All prices include VAT!

tel. +359 86 754 884
GSM: +359 899 804 008
GSM: +359 897 997 706


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frontDorudzha is a symbol of a warm land, incredible nature, ancient history and rich spirit. In the Blue Danube Valley, at a distance of only 6 km from Silistra, is the location of Aydemir village. The idea of this coloured place comes to life, when while driving down the slope, you notice the red roofs and the light appearance of Queen Trade Complex. Modern, interesting, remarkable, it represents the country spirit in the light of contemporary atmosphere and services, which will never let you have a tedious time, but will provide you with the needed attention.